Guide to trolling conduit runners

Credit to the original idea goes to Torgo Tahn

Note: This playstyle requires decent knowledge about how to pilot a ship. If you are new to the game (Or spend majority of your time doing less action-intensive things) try ninja salvaging first. You will be able to learn the basics without risking an expensive ship.

The nergal fit is listed in ship fittings, in this link.

Following in the footsteps of more seasoned MTU hunters, I decided to try out the nergal. The main idea we have been using is simple:

  • Scan down a level 4 mission runner with their MTU out
  • Shoot at their MTU
  • Hope they shoot at you in anger
  • Orbit them at 500
  • Kill them because you are in a nergal, and you can hit 900-1000 dps

However, you have to find mission runners that have their MTU out AND don’t scoop it when you fire at it. So far, the only ones to engage me are the ones who lost their MTU because they were not paying attention at the time. On top of this, you have to scan them down with a scanning alt, costing you time and resources.

We can do better.

In majority of highsec systems nowadays, there are emerging conduits. You get a wide variety of ship types and players at the conduits, and with that comes plenty of opportunities. Additionally, you no longer need to scan them down, the anomaly appears in your probe scanner window automatically (Just like most combat sites).

This idea can also be carried across to invasion areas, but obviously be more careful, and stay out of lowsec (Unless you don’t value your ship at all).

Option 1: Get an MTU kill

Land on grid, shoot their MTU. If they are AFK, you get an MTU kill.
Simple enough.

Option 2: Take the loot + rewards

If they pull the MTU and don’t attack you, don’t worry. The next step is to shoot a single rat ONCE, then start picking up every loot drop from the rats. If done properly you will get about 10 mill of loot, plus 4.5 mill and 300 DED LP as a reward when the conduit is completed.

Option 3: Wait

Some conduit runners don’t appreciate people screwing with their profits. They may wait, continuously warp back and forth, drop their MTU and pick it up again, tell you you are wasting your time in local… The best solution is to stay on grid at range, then warp back to them if they begin to shoot the rats again.

There are talassonite asteroids littered at range that are useful to warp to if the rats switch to you for whatever reason. Add them to an overview tab, then use that tab instead of needing to create bookmarks at range.


If they make the horrible mistake of getting angry at you and firing at you, congratulations. They are now in a mutual engagement timer with you, and you can fire at them without fear of concord. Place your scram on their ship, then keep your orbit at 1000m on them with your afterburner on. Unless they have incredible drone tracking, they should have a hard time hitting you. In the event you are severely outmatched, activate your assault damage control and warp off grid.

Your next step depends on how much damage they are doing to you. Their main source of damage will usually be drones, so you may wish to pick those off with your web, guns and drones. Afterwards, reload your guns and place them on their ship.

Next, put your guns on their ship and wait for them to spool up to full damage. If you haven’t done so already, consume your pyrolancea booster for extra DPS.

With decent skills, implants, full spool, drones, pyrolancea booster, plus overheat, you will hit between 1000-1200 dps. Triglavian rats will also assist you, as they will prioritize the largest ship on grid (After whoever has done the most damage to them recently). With that much damage, it should only be a matter of time before their ship explodes.

While engaging, spam d-scan within 1 AU to ensure that nobody is coming to their rescue.