The NewBee Legion

Today, I was hunting for MTUs in a different area than I usually do. After picking up a few, I found some mission runners (One was a goonswarm member) with their MTU deployed. Recently I have been testing how people respond when their MTU gets shot at while they are on grid. The BEST response is to pick up the MTU, and ignore me. This usually happens, but not always.

These mission runners were in a Hurricane and a Legion. Both warped off upon seeing me, although the Legion pilot was rather confused as to how I could shoot their MTU in highsec space.

I decided that it’d be a good opportunity to teach them about MTU mechanics, and suspect timers. I saw on dscan that they were arriving back in the first room of their mission in their Legion. It was a race between me burning their MTU down, and them getting back to it in time to save it (And probably blow up my ship in revenge).

Unfortunately, they arrived on grid and cloaked up, so I wasn’t fully aware of how much time I had left to blow the MTU up. I warped off with about 15,000 structure HP remaining, and conceded that I probably wasn’t going to get the kill.

After first sending my scanning alt in to check their range to the MTU, I sent my main back in to sit on grid and see their next move. They decided to go right next to the MTU, and then warp off without it.

Not so sure about the “wind” part, but the “furious” part seems accurate

Wanting revenge against me, they seemed eager for a fight. Usually I’d avoid fighting a Legion in my Nergal, but I had scanned their fit on my alt, and it was very killable.

I warped directly next to them (After scanning them down), and had an extremely one-sided fight, where they didn’t land a single shot. I got under their meta 4 pulse lasers immediately, and had no problem killing their ship and their pod.

Turns out, they were actually a very new player and were considering quitting the game after such a big ship loss. They had bought the ship in Delve, then flown it 80 jumps to where we currently were. This was also their first day flying it in highsec.

Don’t expect me to do this often…

I ended up giving them mercy. I explained suspect timers, the fight itself, and a bit about MTUs. After all of that, I also paid them 300 mill for the ship loss. They didn’t show much anger during the bait, and seemed to listen to everything I told them.

Edit: The 300 mill has been covered by someone with deeper pockets than myself.

Edit 2: I was curious what the name of his Legion meant, so I put it into google translate.

Pre-Christmas Massacre

Its a sad day when I cannot fit all of the kills into a single image

It was the day before Christmas, and all through the house… I blew up a lot of MTUs and I don’t have anything that rhymes with house. Domain for some odd reason had MTUs scattered all over the region. I did two trips in my Confessor, killing about a dozen in total.

I had done my job as an MTU hunter, and was satisfied. After docking back up in my home station, I got into a Stratios, with the hope of doing some wormhole exploration. What I found instead was a wormhole going directly to the other side of highsec, on my first scan. I took it as a sign, switched back into my Confessor, and went hunting again.

In one system, I found two players doing some casual PvE. They were in the last room of a mission, and were down to the last few rats. Their MTU was pulling in wrecks, and all was good in the world. Never mind how I was able to magically appear at their site, I was there to help! I waved at them in local and started to shoot at the rats with them.

Once the last room was cleared out, they began to warp off the site, probably to finish their level 3 mission. All of a sudden, a yellow skull appeared next to my name…

I had been branded as a potential criminal in front of my new friends. I was deeply upset by this development, and wondered how I could make it up to them. It didn’t take long for an idea to foster: I should write them a nice eve-mail!

All in all, I killed 24 MTUs in a single day. It was a good day.

High-sec Whaling

As mentioned in my introductory post, players don’t like it when you shoot at their MTUs. Who would have thought. Their dissatisfaction can quickly turn to anger, which can be exploited. Angry people tend to make bad decisions, and in this case, a desire for revenge.

But first, allow me to quickly explain how some game mechanics work:

  • When you shoot at an MTU or loot another player’s wreck/container, you get a suspect timer
  • Suspect timers last 15 minutes, give you a flashy yellow skull icon, and allow other players to shoot at you (Even in high sec)
  • Once fired upon, a limited engagement timer begins. This allows both pilots to fire at each other with no consequences for 5 minutes.
  • The limited engagement timer will only tick down once both pilots de-aggress each other

This means that if you shoot at a player with a suspect timer, he can shoot back with no penalty. So, shooting at a suspect is essentially the same as accepting a duel with them.

With that explained, I’ll now share a story of a very angry player who made a very bad decision.

I was running my current setup of one scanning pilot (a low skilled alt account), and one dps pilot (my main), for hunting down MTUs. I found a system with multiple MTUs deployed, and was excited for the opportunity. I began shooting at one MTU, while my alt sat at the other MTU as a warp-in point. As the first MTU was getting low on HP, an Orca pilot landed on the second MTU. This player was the owner of both MTUs.

Playing dumb, I tried to buy time to ensure the first MTU would die without any issues. After it went down, the pilot seemed somewhat upset.

Wanting to exploit this weakness, I warped my main to my scanning alt to see if he would take the bait. At this point, he made the very bad, no good, extremely unfavorable decision of shooting at me.

I was flying a Nergal, the triglavian assault frigate. I expect my targets to have approximately 700-800 EHP per second healing, so I need to do 800 damage per second, or higher. The Nergal can achieve that with decent skills, implants, boosters, and time (I will explain the fit in a later post). Oh, and this Orca had under 200 EHP/s tank.

The only chance the Orca seemed to have was to kill me with his drones. After I shot down several waves of his drones, he decided it was a better idea to try to shoot down my drones, then move on to me. We both continually recalled our drones to save them, and resulted in somewhat of a stalemate. At the same time, my entropic disintegrator had spooled up to full damage output. His tank was failing, and it was only a matter of time until his ship went boom.

The local chatter that resulted was an experience. Here it is in full:

There were moments where I did legitimately feel sorry for doing this to him, but that faded immediately upon seeing what was in his ship. He had been carrying fully fitted ships, almost a dozen containers, and had used his Orca as a mobile station. I presume he was carrying almost everything he owned. In total, he lost approximately 2.2 billion isk of assets.

The golden rule of eve online had not been followed: Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose.

With some help, all of the loot and fitted ships were moved to a far safer location.

Player-Owned Loot Boxes

I have a habit of annoying people in video games. No matter which game I play, I inevitably find some extremely niche, gimmicky, scumbag tactic that convinces everybody that I’m an asshole. In EVE Online, I have taken up the act of finding Mobile Tractor Units, then blowing them up.

Some people just don’t appreciate fine art

Initially, you wouldn’t think MTU hunting to be a very exciting or rewarding hobby. Its hard to find a lot of them in any one place, they are worth about 5 mill isk each, they don’t put up much of a fight, and you have to worry about the suspect timer you receive for shooting at one.

The real reason you do it is either to luck out and kill an MTU that contains high value loot, or to piss off their owners. And trust me: The salt you get from players for killing their MTUs makes it worthwhile.

I didn’t even kill this guy’s MTU

I initially got into MTU hunting from Pix Severus’ blog, named “MTU Hunter”. His stories, explanations, and corp killboard caught my attention, and gave me the motivation to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, he seems to have won EVE, and his blog hasn’t seen a new post in months. I’ll be looking to fill the gap that he left, with this blog. Hopefully it will inspire more pilots to try the activity out, or at least give a few people some laughs.