Back from Null

I’m back from my nullsec holiday finally!

I was away for five months, and didn’t post here during that time. This blog was made for talking about highsec piracy, and I wasn’t in highsec anymore, so I felt weird about blogging. I still feel a bit weird about it, so I won’t give a detailed history of my nullsec holiday but heres some thoughts:

  1. The big fights were fun. I flew tackle in jaguars 90% of the time, so I got to be active and wasn’t an F1 monkey much.
  2. The random fights that pop up with neutrals entering your space can be fun and chaotic, but its usually more of a wild goose chase than a good fight.
  3. We got blueballed A LOT. For each big fight I attended, there were probably around 4 fleets where nothing actually happened. Even when a big fight did happen, the setup time where I’d be waiting in fleet was massive.
  4. I learnt how blackops fleets operate, and got to ask lots of questions. I still have a lot to learn about hunting, but I have gotten a good start. I plan to keep doing blops fleets and (even running some) with my highsec buddies.
  5. Being in AUTZ in a big coalition isn’t that fun. All of the big fights happen in other timezones, so you miss out on most of the action (Unless you have an unhealthy sleep schedule)
  6. One day you realize that you start viewing keepstars, titans and massive faction ships as everyday occurrences and that you probably won’t ever again have the childlike fascination you once had with them

The main reason I moved back to highsec is so I can focus more on my studies (Which I only just started again) and less on discord pings. I already have had some time to play around with highsec piracy again, with mixed results.

This was after I got blown up by CONCORD, hence the “mixed” part

In other news Pix Severus, who was a major inspiration to my playstyle is playing again after a break. I managed to introduce myself and we’re actually friends now (And hes probably reading this). The MTU hunting community also seems to have some new faces. I’m beginning to learn some new ideas for ruining peoples days, so expect more posts coming soon.

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