Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 5)

After waking up and logging onto my computer this day, I was greeted with a reply to my support ticket from CCP. They had finally taken action upon Vlad’s account.

If you are unfamiliar with CCP’s privacy policy in regards to bans, they will tell you the ticket is resolved, but will not tell you what action (if any action) was taken against the player in question. Since CCP won’t tell you the action taken, the only way you can learn the punishment is from the player being punished. So, I was kind of expecting the story to end there.

Then, I logged in to EVE to see this mail.

“Ciao” is how I signed off to him the previous day. I guess I really got to him.

Vladamir had created a new account and character, and mailed me using that. I didn’t respond to his evemail, but I did send it to CCP support, so they could deal with his new account.

I was left with some questions though. What was the severity of his ban? What was the corporation he joined? Were they decent people?

To get these questions answered, I got in contact with the CEO of the corporation he joined. His username is “X Sanguine”, and he was actually a really nice guy. We began by sharing the evemails we had both received.

Vlad’s 1 day old character sent this to Sanguine, and for some reason he acted anonymous…

To wrap things up, here is Sanguine recalling the story of Vlad joining his corp.

X Sanguine > we merged on a bet
X Sanguine > want a story?
X Sanguine > so i came back to eve to find my corp dying slowly no one on line for days
X Sanguine > i wanted to chat
X Sanguine > i talk alot
X Sanguine > so i made this corp to fill a chatbox with fun and entertaining pilots
X Sanguine > i had zero members
X Sanguine > i met vlad
X Sanguine > i saw he had an 8 member corp and i ask him to close it and join me
X Sanguine > he said no
X Sanguine > i made him a bet i could match his member base
X Sanguine > in a few days
X Sanguine > he said if i could then he would merge with me
X Sanguine > nonstop all week nothing but recruiting and ded sites
X Sanguine > so i matched his 8 and then some more
X Sanguine > i said ok cool lets merge
X Sanguine > he said no
X Sanguine > i was kinda mad
X Sanguine > so i told him that we made a deal and he should honor it
X Sanguine > he told me he doesnt really have 8 members
X Sanguine > after we cleared the alts and inactives it was a 2 member corp
X Sanguine > and he still expected to be a director
X Sanguine > so i dont have any isk or assets in the corp possesions
X Sanguine > so i figured what the hell, what is the worst he could do
X Sanguine > on his first full day as a director this all happened
X Sanguine > your wardec i think pushed him to me really
X Sanguine > so that is the story of vlad
Le’ Shak > Its just coincidence that it fell on his first day as director, I had been dealing with him for a few days already
Le’ Shak > Thanks for the story, that is amazing
X Sanguine > i figured if you blog you might like it
Le’ Shak > Really ties it all together nicely

With the destruction of Vlad’s Raitaru (Which X Sanguine ninja salvaged from us), this story has met its conclusion.
(Unless Vlad has 200IQ and deceived us all into thinking he is permabanned when its only a tempban)

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