Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 4)

5 bill is too large of a ransom, but why end the fun here?

After spotting Vlad in local, I noticed that he had joined a new corporation. My immediate conclusion was that he made a new corporation and ditched his old one to get out of the wardec, leaving his Raitaru behind.

I decided to say hi to him, and to actually reveal what I had been up to. It would have been rather gratifying to tell him that I had also reported him, but I decided to leave that topic alone.

Rami Taredi > Good thing you made a new corp, pirates could be a problem otherwise
Vladamir Valtouri > it’s actually not my corp lol
Rami Taredi > Oh, really?
Vladamir Valtouri > yep
Vladamir Valtouri > my corpmates and i merged
Rami Taredi > 6 days old regardless, pretty new
Rami Taredi > Oh, nice
Vladamir Valtouri > indeed
Rami Taredi > Why are there still people in the old corp then?
Rami Taredi > or are you forming an alliance?
Vladamir Valtouri > he’s the last corp member to leave. won’t be back until friday as he’s on vacation
Rami Taredi > You’re not sounding so mean today
Vladamir Valtouri > how have i been mean in the past? lol
Rami Taredi > “i trust you but cant be too sure so i’ll be starting to pull your stuff at some point”
Vladamir Valtouri > well thats not being mean thats just being honest
Rami Taredi > You don’t seem to be a very honest individual

I then proceeded to call him out on his bullshit.

Vladamir Valtouri > how so?
Rami Taredi > “but to lower clients, simply usuing mind games will do the trick.”
Rami Taredi > You admitted you are a liar yourself
Vladamir Valtouri > stretching the truth
Rami Taredi > I’m stretching the truth?
Rami Taredi > Or you are?
Vladamir Valtouri > buuut i can see your perspective. i suppose when it boils down to it i am a liar when doing those things. and yes i stretch the truth
Rami Taredi > So why should I believe anything you’ve told me so far?
Vladamir Valtouri > i can also be very honest though
Vladamir Valtouri > because so far i havn’t lied to you
Rami Taredi > Well, you have already lost your war it looks like
Vladamir Valtouri > i’d have lost from the start lol
Rami Taredi > Every single person you have talked to from that corporation is me
Vladamir Valtouri > i knew 🙂
Rami Taredi > Nope, you didn’t
Vladamir Valtouri > i pulled your ip mate
Vladamir Valtouri > there addresses came from the same pc
Vladamir Valtouri > or at least same network
Rami Taredi > How many do you reckon are me?
Vladamir Valtouri > not sure on that one
Rami Taredi > The thing is, your entire explanation on how eve servers work was incorrect
Rami Taredi > I immediately consulted with people who actually know what they are talking about and they laughed at what you said
Rami Taredi > You have nothing.
Rami Taredi > Additionally, like I said the first time I met you, you underestimate how petty I am
Vladamir Valtouri > if you say so
Rami Taredi > So because you have nothing to threaten me with whatsoever
Rami Taredi > and you have somewhat annoyed me
Rami Taredi > I’ll remove any structures you or your buds place around this area
Rami Taredi > Plus we’ll continue to gank you and your members, keep sending them evemails on how you pulled them into this mess, and see how it goes from there
Rami Taredi > Theres only so many times you can explain to people that you did nothing wrong
Rami Taredi > When you know in your head that you got yourself into this mess
Vladamir Valtouri > hmm, fine. so be it then.
Vladamir Valtouri > congrats, you’ve got me. proud?
Rami Taredi > No, not yet

This went on for a while longer, but it didn’t really go anywhere. It definitely felt cathartic though.

Continued in part 5

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