Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 3)

The day of the second timer had come. We fielded four Leshaks vs Vlad sitting in his Raitaru, shooting missiles at us. Of course, the missiles didn’t do much, and it wasn’t long before Vlad started talking again.

After we had reinforced the structure, we also found a lone retriever mining in an asteroid belt. I warped the fleet to them (admittedly at a dumb range though), and we melted them.

Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > yes?
Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > oh thank you for giving me the opportunity to shoot the guns on this thing 😀
Le’ Shak > Kill: Sabrina Keil (Retriever)
Vladamir Valtouri > a simple ship that can be reimbursed
Vladamir Valtouri > also, i want to say thank you to you and your corpmates for attacking on time. i’ve gone ahead and gathered all the stuff i need.
Vladamir Valtouri > i hope you guys are ready 🙂
Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > by the way, go ahead and tell your buddy Rami that i’ve gone ahead and pulled his account info and pc info
Vladamir Valtouri > or do you guys speak russian?
Vladamir Valtouri > eh whatever it wont matter. toodles mate 🙂

Just like the previous day, he had a chat with Rami at the same time. Again I decided to act as dumb as possible, along with pretending I wasn’t associated with the wardec.

Vladamir Valtouri > i know you’re cloaked outside lol
Rami Taredi > Just out sightseeing
Vladamir Valtouri > btw, i sent our attackers with a message 🙂
Rami Taredi > Nice, you telling them off?
Vladamir Valtouri > nope. the message was directed for you. and technically goes to them
Rami Taredi > … why don’t just tell me instead?
Rami Taredi > Seems like a pretty inefficient way of sending messages
Vladamir Valtouri > not as dramatic 🙂
Rami Taredi > How is sending a delayed message dramatic
Vladamir Valtouri > you’ll have to wait 🙂 however, i’ll tell you this, i’m super glad tbey attacked on schedule and in a large group.
Vladamir Valtouri > besides, this whole war thing is stupid but i’m having loads of fun now. i finally got to shoot the guns on this thing XD
Rami Taredi > Wow that does sound pretty fun
Rami Taredi > I’m guessing that message wasn’t important then
Vladamir Valtouri > it was only important depending on how you view it lol but if you feel it wasn’t then disregard it 🙂
Rami Taredi > So its a conditionally threatening message

At the end of day 3, we had reinforced the Raitaru a second time, gotten a free Retriever kill, and been provided with more evidence of doxxing to send to CCP.

Continued in part 4

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