Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 2)

On day 2, I was still waiting for the war to officially start, so I decided to instead search for miners to suicide gank. By chance, I found a member of Arcane Fire Industries was mining in a retriever, which I promptly blew up.

Laur Anordar > Just curious, are you an alt of the CEO or a newer player?
Kayson Raul > been playing 2 weeks
[This is a lie, its an alt of the CEO]
Laur Anordar > Ah, I see. Well my advice is to avoid mining in retrievers and covetors, they cannot be tanked well and are prone to ganks.
Laur Anordar > Also, don’t trust your CEO, he got you into this mess.
Kayson Raul > how so?
Laur Anordar > His ego bought your corporation a war.
Laur Anordar > That is all I am at liberty to say.
Laur Anordar > Fly safe.

With that out of the way, it wasn’t long before Vlad got mad. Conversation requests lit up on both my catalyst alt and my main, and I knew this was going to be a fun day.

Vladamir Valtouri > do tell me how my ego got me into this mess?
Laur Anordar > I am not at liberty to say.
Vladamir Valtouri > your loyalty mean that much?
Laur Anordar > You have offered me nothing.
Vladamir Valtouri > oh i can offer lots. name your price mate
Vladamir Valtouri > as i said, his convo will stay between us. you have my wordt

Note: You can trust a man’s “word”, but you cannot trust a man’s “wordt”

Laur Anordar > Given that I cannot trust you on that, and it could lead to my expulsion from my corporation…
Laur Anordar > 200 million.
Vladamir Valtouri > divulging information of such a nature shouldn’t get you expelled. that’s ridiculous. i can easily pay your price, but how will i know you will actually start talking?
Laur Anordar > Take it or leave it.
Vladamir Valtouri > or, give me assurance that you’ll talk. can’t trust an alt account
Laur Anordar > Not sure how I can assure anything.
Vladamir Valtouri > think on it
Laur Anordar > Been nice talking with you, good luck.

At the same time as this conversation, I was talking to him with Rami, trying to act as dumb as possible.

Vladamir Valtouri > hey there 🙂
Rami Taredi > Hello.
Vladamir Valtouri > so i see someone got a corp to wardec me eh?
Rami Taredi > Oh?
Vladamir Valtouri > also, why is they still think my ego got us into this -_- nothing about what we talked about had anything to do with that lol
Rami Taredi > I dunno, ask them?
Rami Taredi > I didn’t wardec you
Vladamir Valtouri > i’m trying but theyre being secretive

“I didn’t wardec you” is actually the truth. My CEO was the one who wardecced his corporation, after I’d asked him to.

Vladamir Valtouri > so quick auestion, it’s true that every solar system in eve is it’s own server correct?
Rami Taredi > uhhhhhhhhhhh
Rami Taredi > not sure about own server, own instance sure
Vladamir Valtouri > interesting. i wonder how this will go then
Rami Taredi > how what will go?
Vladamir Valtouri > don’t worry about it
Vladamir Valtouri > thankfully we’ve been chatting long enough for me to obtain things. same goes for any of the corp members currently active in the systems i’m visiting
Rami Taredi > Oh nice, intel gathering?
Vladamir Valtouri > intel gathering beyond in game
Rami Taredi > how is that even possible
Rami Taredi > don’t people stay pretty anonymous
Vladamir Valtouri > you really have no clue how this works do you?
Rami Taredi > I haven’t done something like that before so no

So, at this time I didn’t have much knowledge as to how the EVE servers actually work. However, I knew enough that this next part had me scratching my head. If you are particularly tech savvy, you might want to brace yourself for the oncoming section.

Rami Taredi > Isn’t this bannable though?
Rami Taredi > So you’re planning on doing that to these wardeccers?
Vladamir Valtouri > only if your caught
Vladamir Valtouri > also, i never said that
Rami Taredi > Oh so you don’t plan to? Whos the target? 😀
Vladamir Valtouri > that will be for you to find out
Rami Taredi > Hmmmmmm interesting
Rami Taredi > Thanks for the explanation
Vladamir Valtouri > not a problem. i’d hate to get banned for such a thing honestly, but i don’t appreciate being mocked. so as a show of good faith, i’ve put you on my list
Rami Taredi > seen any around the place?
Rami Taredi > Oh, bad list or good list?
Vladamir Valtouri > i suppose both.
Rami Taredi > that seems pretty inefficient to be on both hah
Vladamir Valtouri > i trust you but cant be too sure so i’ll be starting to pull your stuff at some point
Rami Taredi > thats not nice 🙁
Vladamir Valtouri > can’t be too sure mate.
Vladamir Valtouri > sorry if this upsets you

So, at the end of day 2, I had a retriever kill, a confused CEO, and enough evidence to go to CCP support to report him for doxxing.

It was very tempting to press enter at this point, but I decided to be patient

Continued in part 3

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