Angering the locals… Again

Recently, I have been delving further and further into piracy. I joined a mercenary corporation on an alt account, and its been rather fun. If you remember the Chinese group that I harassed with a Nergal, this story is about them.

Sentient beings club made an alliance to be in with their smaller corporations called New Eden Community Alliance (Not very original). They decided to own a customs office in this alliance, which made them war-dec eligible. We immediately wardecced them after we found out.

With no clue where their structure was, we instead searched for stray targets. Eventually, a rattlesnake appeared doing emerging conduits, so we formed up a fleet and grabbed an easy kill. Not long after, they killed their own customs office using their holding corp, so they could end the wardec. They had freed themselves from more possible kills, and we were once again unable to hurt them.

It was then that I asked, “What if we wardec the holding corp?”

So we did.

Once the wardec came live, we reinforced a Raitaru and an Athanor that were in low power. Additionally, the Athanor was unanchoring.

For those unaware, shooting a low power structure will put it into it’s final timer immediately, plus the shield and armor is reduced by half.

Later, we formed up a fleet to bash their Astrahus, and proceeded to lose two Leshaks and two Dominixes to the one guy manning the guns. Although it is embarrassing to admit we did this, we learnt the valuable lesson that proper logi is required when taking on an Astrahus. I wasn’t online to witness any of this.

After that, they decided to stop running and actually attempt to fight us. Pilots left their other corporations and joined the holding corp. Oracles and freighters were spotted being moved into their Astrahus. Their CEO toon was now logged in 24/7 and sitting inside the Astrahus for whenever we attempted firing at it again. They also reinforced our staging citadel one system over.

Phase 5: Raitaru Fight

Both sides formed up a fleet to fight over the last timer of the Raitaru. The Chinese formed up with 15 Oracles and 2 Blackbirds. In response, we had a fleet of Leshaks, Abaddons, Exequrors and tackle frigates. The Leshaks were going to bash the structure, while the Abaddons would return fire from range.

The logi we fielded was very cheap and replaceable, because we expected them to get focused down first. As for tackle, initially I was the only pilot in this role. I had my main (who was not in the war) in a malediction to get warp-ins on their fleet, and my alt in an Atron. This Atron would prove to be a hero throughout the night.

Their oracle fleet was hoping to land, snipe down some ships at range, then warp off and repeat. What instead happened, was they landed, shot down a few cheap logi ships, saw my Atron land close to them, then panic and order their entire fleet to fire at it. Unfortunately for them, once my Atron was under their guns (which was immediately once it had landed), their massive turrets could not track the frigate. I still had some close calls where I messed up my orbit and took some hits, but none resulted in a loss.

The entire fight played out like this, with their fleet landing, getting a kill, then losing one of their own ships. Our ship losses were cheap and instantly replaced on field, whereas theirs were not being replaced. As the fight drew on, their numbers got low enough where they were unable to out-DPS our logi.

They withdrew entirely, and watched their Raitaru explode from range.

We had won against superior numbers.

Phase 6: Athanor Massacre

This fight played out much the same, although they had changed their composition to deal with tackle frigates. We had one additional tackle frigate on our side, and they fielded a Curse, a Merlin and an Executioner.

They actually took away from their Oracle count to achieve this diversity though, which meant they had less DPS to actually kill stuff with. After losing a few ships in similar style to the first fight, they made a horrible mistake.

Their fleet began to warp, unaligned, to where they were earlier.

We had their ship wrecks to use as warpins, and we tackled their fleet as they trickled in, single-file.

The scariest part for me was their Curse, which instantly neuted out my tackle frigate. My warp disruptor actually barely stayed on him for another cycle, and I watched both my speed and HP go extremely low. At the last moment, I warped out, just after our Vexor pilot put his own point on the ship. The Curse died, I warped back in with my shields back up, and we continued to kill them one by one.

In the end, we cleaned up their whole fleet, and killed the Athanor shortly afterwards.


After losing both battles, the Chinese began to unanchor their last remaining citadel, their Astrahus. However, after the wardec ended, they decided to stop the unanchoring process entirely, and make the citadel a freeport. We’ll likely remove it once we actually have proper logi support to survive the station guns.

Overall this war has seen massive improvements to our morale, and taught us plenty of lessons along the way.

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