Not so Wunderbar

In my last post, I mentioned the practice of ninja looting. This is taking items from containers that are owned by other players, in the process giving yourself a suspect timer (But also potentially valuable loot).

One level 4 mission, called “The Rogue Slaver Trader” is easily recognizable and exploitable. If you warp in on a mission runner above several frigates, a single battleship and a large rock called “Slave Pen”, then you are in that mission. Approach the slave pen, wait for the mission runner to clear out the rats and blow up the structure, and instantly pick up the prisoners that drop, then warp off.

Why is this a good idea? Well, the mission runner needs those prisoners to finish his mission. If you take them, you can create a contract and force them to pay for the items, so that they can finish their mission. Of course, you can also be mean and set the contract price for far more than is worth their time to pay. I try to hit a middle ground, where someone on the public contract system will buy it eventually, but the mission runner will not want to pay the price.

This way, we get an angry mission runner, AND the reward from the contract!

“Nein danke” Is all the german that I know

Of course, in this case our unhappy german mission runner did not accept the contract. However, it took about 10 minutes for another player (Who seems to resell items like this) to accept the contract.

For a few minutes of work, I was 10 million isk richer. Keep in mind that I was somewhat guessing on the price, and you can almost certainly get more isk than that (Just be willing to wait longer).

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