Kookaburra MTU Hunt

Owner of Kookaburra Academy, Sobine, decided to hold an MTU hunting competition. I didn’t really care much about the prize, but having a good showing was important to me (Since I’m known in alliance as the MTU hunting guy).

The rules were as follows:

  1. Points are awarded for MTU kills, with more points if they are owned by alliances that are red to us.
  2. Killing a ship via suspect baiting while taking down an MTU is extra points
  3. Competition runs from downtime until the downtime of the next day

My plan was simple, go to systems near Jita and look for MTUs there. The population of those highsec areas is higher, so I could expect more MTUs being left about. While this was true, there were also dozens of mobile depots that made it difficult to locate the MTUs.

I shot down all of the MTUs I could find in the area, then checked out the areas surrounding Hek and Dodixie. Finally, I went back to domain and searched around a couple of systems that I personally know that usually have a decent amount of MTUs.

At downtime of day 2, I had killed 33 MTUs, and finished in first place. As Kookaburra ran the event as somewhat of a charity run, I then donated another 5 million isk per MTU I had killed, equaling 165 million isk.

Here are some moments that I found entertaining throughout the competition.

Two pilots were fighting over an emerging conduit, and had both placed MTUs down at the location.

A retriever had met its demise, and had been pulled in by his MTU.

Several MTUs I found had already been damaged before I started shooting at them. I wonder how many different attempts to kill them had occurred in the past.

I messed with a retriever, by shooting his MTU while he was on grid. He was smart enough to pick it up and ignore me.

This retriever was a different story entirely. He pulled his drones in, and warped off in fear. I gladly took the free MTU kill.

I found a fleet of multi-boxed hulks parked inside of a POS shield… In highsec.

The name of this MTU’s owner was amusing.

A bit of a panic moment, as I land on an MTU next to a blood raider FOB. I warped off before there were any issues. The FOB didn’t appear on my probe scanner window, as I’d filtered out everything except deployables at the time.

Thanks to Sobine for organizing this event.

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