Current Plans

Between a recent wardec, losing several ships, and keeping up with other responsibilities, my rate of clearing out MTUs has dropped significantly. So, moving forward, I’m going to make a few changes.

1. My alt “MobiIe Tractor Unit” will train into a polarized hecate instead of being solely a combat scanner alt. Since he is in Empty You (The original MTU hunting corp), I should be able to revive their killboard greatly, while not having to worry about wardecs so much.

Unfortunately I do have to wait for the training to be done, so for the short-term I’ll just keep hunting on my main instead (No current wardecs, so should be fine).

It will be pretty funny when people see their MTUs have died to a mobile tractor unit…

2. My main will still hunt MTUs, just much less, and still only in the confessor. I doubt I’ll do the nergal baiting much anymore either.

3. I will send an annoying evemail to anyone who loses an MTU to me. You know those couriers who send you mails to let you know they have delivered your contract, when you can CLEARLY SEE by the contracts system they have done it? Yeah, I’ll be like that, while claiming I’m working for the public interest. Hopefully it will yield some entertaining results.

4. I’ve gone ahead and changed my main’s picture to be a clear ripoff of Pix Severus. Yes, this was very important. The coat cost me around 250 mill as well…

Pix still manages to look creepier.

5. I’m going to start catalyst ganking miners on alts as well. Although it doesn’t have anything to do with killing MTUs, its bound to get rage out of some people, which will be worth writing about.

6. I’m experimenting with hunting for MTUs in invasion areas. I immediately lost one confessor in trying this, but it looks like there are some juicy targets out there. Current plan is to run a scanning alt to pull rats, and my main in a catalyst. That way, the MTU dies fast, AND I don’t need to worry much about losing isk if either ship dies.

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