Angering the locals

As of a few months ago, there has been a group of Chinese players farming the emerging conduits around the area my alliance lives. Just recently I have begun targeting their MTUs, and their response was one I would have never imagined.

Phase 1: Instigation

Yosagi Yojimbo, former alliance CEO, tipped me off that there were multiple MTUs out in nearby systems. Upon turning up, it was clear the MTUs were at emerging conduits with active players at them. To keep this short (and focus more on their response), just know that I was being really annoying, forcing them to pull their MTUs, and then stealing their loot.

The players in question were from “Blade Waltz” and “Sentient beings Club”. I had heard of Sentient beings Club before, and knew them as Chinese players who farmed emerging conduits. Blade Waltz seems to be a much newer corporation, being essentially the noob corp of SBC.

It wasn’t long before they decided to drop a gila on me while in a conduit. I immediately warped off, and found it slightly amusing.

Then my intel channels started going off. They were appearing in our lowsec systems. The timing was not a coincidence.

Phase 2: Skirmish

They had appeared with a stratios, and knowing more were on the way, our members arrived on the highsec gate. Two enemy legions warped in, and led by Lord Czar, we blapped one of them. Due to time limitations, I had to rush over in my Nergal, and narrowly avoided being blown up. The other legion warped off, and then both the legion and stratios cloaked up. They decided to stay in system, and we noticed that even more were on the way.

Being bloodthirsty Australian players, we held our ground and decided to take whatever fight was coming our way. Forgetting to send a ping out, we took the next fight using whatever we still had.

The Chinese players brought in super-tanked battleships, with the intention of using gate guns to their advantage. We took down a bait dominix, then rushed off grid as their numbers began to swarm in.

After finally putting a ping out, we formed up properly. Upon seeing us warping in, they all jumped back into highsec, then back towards their home system.

Not perfect by any means, but we ended the brawl isk positive. I asked my alliance friends if continuing to troll these guys was something they would like me to do. It was a unanimous yes.

After taking a short break, I logged back in to find an evemail.

Phase 3: Google translate (Day 2)

After trolling some of their conduit runners earlier in the day, and doing a loop around Domain searching for lonely MTUs, I went for another round with the Chinese conduit runners.

It initially looked like the same story again. I would turn up, the MTU would be pulled, I’d steal some loot, they would leave. However, after following this player, he warped to an emerging conduit in their home system.

After he dropped his MTU in plain sight of me, I felt something fishy.

D-scan confirmed my suspicions: Two tornados were heading my way. After they landed, they locked me up immediately. One problem though. I was not suspect. They realized this, and never shot at me.

Sure enough, the rest of their fleet dropped on me shortly afterwards. From what I remember (I didn’t screenshot their whole formup, just believe me), the final numbers were:

1 Praxis
2 Tornados
2 Thorax
1 Prophecy
1 Impairor
1 Something else I cant remember

And an MTU in a pear tree.

It was obvious to me now: They seemed slightly over-protective of their MTUs, but moreso their isk/hour. Not willing to leave almost empty-handed (I did still get isk from the site), it was time to have a chat.

Skip to the bottom for the google translated version.

Rami Taredi > I feel like you guys dislike me
Pink torpedo tear > good boy
ninja cx > TM speaks Chinese
ninja cx > Google translate into Chinese
ninja cx > I can’t understand
Rami Taredi > Stand down fleet, mission accomplished
ninja cx > speak Mandarin
ninja cx > Don’t speak birds
Rami Taredi > I cant speak chinese πŸ™
ninja cx > Google
ninja cx > Translate
Pink torpedo tear > Rami Taredi, just be happy, brother translation
EVEthewolf > google
Rami Taredi > I use google translate, you guys can too πŸ™‚
EVEthewolf > translate
ninja cx > I ’m in China, I can’t use Google, you know
Pink torpedo tear > I know that this is even harder to translate
Rami Taredi > Ok true
chiyuecanx > …..
ninja cx > Day by day
Rami Taredi > It’s been two days?
ninja cx > You go elsewhere .. Don’t come here one day. I am a 2 month player. Very hard
ninja cx > The whole universe, how many MTUs are you licking like a dog?
EVEthewolf > Is it illegal to play mtu?
Rami Taredi > Sorry, the translation is not good, I can do it more?
ninja cx > Oh my god … can’t you learn Chinese?
ninja cx > Very simple
ninja cx > You go
ninja cx > Stop here. Give a novice a way to live .. OK?
Rami Taredi > no
ninja cx > why
EVEthewolf > -.-
Rami Taredi > MTUs are evil
ninja cx > why
Rami Taredi > MTU = πŸ™
Rami Taredi > No MTU = πŸ™‚
ninja cx > Then you should hit the United Department because it is the MTU they produce

Whatever karma I got for repaying that legion pilot for his ship has vanished by now…

Phase 4: Hour long brawl (Day 3)

After many hours of frustrating their players, one finally took the bait. I had warped in on a rattlesnake, shot their MTU, and they had fired back at me. Their drones had very low tracking, and did not apply damage to me very well. After reaching full spool, I realized I was not going to break his tank. Perhaps with full skills, I would have.

Then, a praxis warped in to help his friend. After putting his drones out, he also was not applying damage well. I was able to tank both of them, and made the decision to switch to the praxis.

The praxis did not have nearly as much tank. I had activated my pyrolancea booster, waited for full spool, then overheated my guns. I managed to get him down to structure, but had to unheat my guns. Additionally, they had killed four of my five hobgoblins, lowering my dps. This was getting complicated.

Another one of their members logged in, and warped to the site. At this point I was considering leaving. I had about five minutes left on my suspect timer, and was only just holding against their dps. Any extra damage, or any ewar would have me dead to rights.

He warped in with an osprey. This was useless, as remote reps could not be applied in this situation without starting a criminal timer.

Keeping the praxis held down, I sent a ping out on my alliance discord, begging someone to bring more hobgoblins and nanite repair paste. The voice channel got filled up quickly, and help was on the way. I just had to wait for them to arrive. In the meantime, I explained multiple times what had happened, as many members were confused as to what I was doing.

It seemed that they had also sent a ping out, as their pilots began to login to system. Their pilots landed on grid one after the other, then locked me up. However, my suspect timer had run out, and only the rattlesnake and praxis pilots were now allowed to engage me. They had missed their chance by one minute.

Their fleet began on-site theory crafting as to how they could save their friend’s praxis. Individuals sent their drones out, hoping I would shoot them and get concorded. The osprey sat on grid, still looking confused. Duel attempts were sent out between them, hoping they would be able to join the fight. None of their ideas yielded results.

In a desperate attempt to save their friend’s praxis, a bhaalgorn locked me up and went criminal. After activating my assault damage control, I tanked the extra DPS easily, and got the final blow, assisted by concordokken. Shortly afterwards, my fleet mate Alegni South killed the pod. Strangely, they had not put their neuts on me. If they had, they almost certainly would have capped me out, and allowed the praxis to warp off.

After receiving more hobgoblins and nanite repair paste, I repaired my guns and nos. I was finally ready for round two.

Their fleet warped off, giving up on the idea of saving their friend. I asked my alliance fleet to kill the last rat on grid, then warp off. The next wave of triglavians, my fully spooled overheated guns, and fresh set of hobgoblins were easily enough to break what was left of his ship. His pod didn’t warp off, and was next to fall.

In total, they lost just over one billion isk worth of ships and implants. The fight had lasted about an hour, and had many ups and downs. I’m sure they will tell their members how to avoid losses like this in the future. This won’t stop me from being an annoyance.

Additional shoutout to alliance member riskofshock for killing a 2.5 billion isk Kronos using the bait nergal fit later in the day.

Edit: They managed to bait me back with a praxis fitted with neut, scram and web. Fair play to them, I didn’t ship scan it beforehand.

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