A Mission Running Disaster

From time to time, you spot a mission runner leaving an MTU at in each room, planning to come back in a noctis later. I rarely find a mission runner doing this, and even when I do, I usually get only a couple of MTU kills before they scoop the rest.

Today was different.

After completing an abyssal site with fellow corp member Terra Andedare, I undocked to see an expected sight.

So, to sum it up:

  1. A total of seven MTUs were seen on the combat scanning window, after I had instantly reshipped into my confessor
  2. The mission runner had just left system, to hand in the mission he had just done
  3. Out of all systems they could have dropped this amount of MTUs in, they just happened to drop them in my home system
  4. I value MTUs over abyssals, since I have a misplaced sense of values

The MTUs were swiftly cleaned up, and the mission runner happened to be a good sport about it, saying he had learnt his lesson. The lesson to be learnt here is fairly simple; take one MTU with you, and pick it up between each room. The locations can then be bookmarked for a noctis to do the rest of the work later, while keeping it free from being combat scanned.

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