The NewBee Legion

Today, I was hunting for MTUs in a different area than I usually do. After picking up a few, I found some mission runners (One was a goonswarm member) with their MTU deployed. Recently I have been testing how people respond when their MTU gets shot at while they are on grid. The BEST response is to pick up the MTU, and ignore me. This usually happens, but not always.

These mission runners were in a Hurricane and a Legion. Both warped off upon seeing me, although the Legion pilot was rather confused as to how I could shoot their MTU in highsec space.

I decided that it’d be a good opportunity to teach them about MTU mechanics, and suspect timers. I saw on dscan that they were arriving back in the first room of their mission in their Legion. It was a race between me burning their MTU down, and them getting back to it in time to save it (And probably blow up my ship in revenge).

Unfortunately, they arrived on grid and cloaked up, so I wasn’t fully aware of how much time I had left to blow the MTU up. I warped off with about 15,000 structure HP remaining, and conceded that I probably wasn’t going to get the kill.

After first sending my scanning alt in to check their range to the MTU, I sent my main back in to sit on grid and see their next move. They decided to go right next to the MTU, and then warp off without it.

Not so sure about the “wind” part, but the “furious” part seems accurate

Wanting revenge against me, they seemed eager for a fight. Usually I’d avoid fighting a Legion in my Nergal, but I had scanned their fit on my alt, and it was very killable.

I warped directly next to them (After scanning them down), and had an extremely one-sided fight, where they didn’t land a single shot. I got under their meta 4 pulse lasers immediately, and had no problem killing their ship and their pod.

Turns out, they were actually a very new player and were considering quitting the game after such a big ship loss. They had bought the ship in Delve, then flown it 80 jumps to where we currently were. This was also their first day flying it in highsec.

Don’t expect me to do this often…

I ended up giving them mercy. I explained suspect timers, the fight itself, and a bit about MTUs. After all of that, I also paid them 300 mill for the ship loss. They didn’t show much anger during the bait, and seemed to listen to everything I told them.

Edit: The 300 mill has been covered by someone with deeper pockets than myself.

Edit 2: I was curious what the name of his Legion meant, so I put it into google translate.

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