The Chronicles of Draco Mithgard

For newer players: Ninja salvaging is the act of turning up at another player’s location, and salvaging wrecks of rats that they have been attacking. Although the wrecks belong to them you will not get a suspect timer for salvaging the wrecks. You do get a suspect timer for taking items out of them.

To celebrate my 100th MTU kill, let me share some of my experiences with a local mission runner.

Draco was potentially the unluckiest player I came across. I happened to find him running level 4 missions when I was first getting into ninja salvaging, and then just kept on running into him. Eventually, I grew a bit tired of ninja salvaging, but decided to keep messing with Draco specifically. It wasn’t about the isk, or the salt (He hardly ever spoke to me). I considered it a tradition of mine to ninja salvage if he was in system.

Part 1: The Ransom

Unauthorized military presence is a level 4 mission where you have to shoot some rats and pick up militants to hand in. Any mission that requires an item to be handed in which drops in a container is exploitable. Simply wait for the container to drop, zoom over to it, pick up the goods.

How much is a life truly worth? About 1 million isk each

Knowing more than I did back then, he probably picked up militants from one of the other containers that have them in that mission, then cashed them in. It drops more than you need, I have over 300 spare currently. So yeah, he didn’t accept the contract. At the very least, it made my intentions clear.

Part 2: The Long Wait

Eventually he got a bit sick of me appearing, then either looting his containers or salvaging his wrecks. Upon seeing me turn up at the first acceleration gate beside him, he logged off in space. He was not going to tolerate me bullying him out of his isk.

I figured he would be back in about an hour, so I docked up at an alliance citadel in system, changed some market orders, and watched some memes. Now and then, I would check local to see if he had come back yet. The very moment he logged back on (About an hour later), I undocked and warped back to the location of his mission (Which I had saved).

By the time his battleship had finished warping back onto grid, I was already there waiting for him in my magnate.

Part 3: The Salvage Heist

There was a nullsec roam fleet leaving in a while, and I didn’t want to miss it. However, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to say hi to my new friend. He decided to log off in space again, and then I got an idea: Why don’t I just clear out the mission with a friend, then salvage anything before he gets back?

By the time Draco warped into the last room of his mission, there were only a couple of wrecks left. Sure, he pretty much got free LP and mission rewards for something he didn’t do, but we salvaged almost every ship and got all the bounties.

Part 4: New Beginnings

Draco decided to take a break from the game, and I don’t really blame him. Mission running is all I have ever seen him do, and I was there to spoil it for him. I was absolutely being a bully, and that may have been a large reason he pulled away from the game for a while.

However, recently (Over a year since I last saw him) I have noticed him logging in again. I decided to say hello in the best way I know how, and salvage a few wrecks (While waving in local and welcoming him back). Much to my surprise, he completely ignored me and kept on doing the mission.

He had finally beaten me at my own game, there was absolutely no reason left to ninja salvage him. The part that I had found fun was watching how he would react, and now I was getting nothing at all. So, I decided to show him my new playstyle.

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