Pre-Christmas Massacre

Its a sad day when I cannot fit all of the kills into a single image

It was the day before Christmas, and all through the house… I blew up a lot of MTUs and I don’t have anything that rhymes with house. Domain for some odd reason had MTUs scattered all over the region. I did two trips in my Confessor, killing about a dozen in total.

I had done my job as an MTU hunter, and was satisfied. After docking back up in my home station, I got into a Stratios, with the hope of doing some wormhole exploration. What I found instead was a wormhole going directly to the other side of highsec, on my first scan. I took it as a sign, switched back into my Confessor, and went hunting again.

In one system, I found two players doing some casual PvE. They were in the last room of a mission, and were down to the last few rats. Their MTU was pulling in wrecks, and all was good in the world. Never mind how I was able to magically appear at their site, I was there to help! I waved at them in local and started to shoot at the rats with them.

Once the last room was cleared out, they began to warp off the site, probably to finish their level 3 mission. All of a sudden, a yellow skull appeared next to my name…

I had been branded as a potential criminal in front of my new friends. I was deeply upset by this development, and wondered how I could make it up to them. It didn’t take long for an idea to foster: I should write them a nice eve-mail!

All in all, I killed 24 MTUs in a single day. It was a good day.

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