Player-Owned Loot Boxes

I have a habit of annoying people in video games. No matter which game I play, I inevitably find some extremely niche, gimmicky, scumbag tactic that convinces everybody that I’m an asshole. In EVE Online, I have taken up the act of finding Mobile Tractor Units, then blowing them up.

Some people just don’t appreciate fine art

Initially, you wouldn’t think MTU hunting to be a very exciting or rewarding hobby. Its hard to find a lot of them in any one place, they are worth about 5 mill isk each, they don’t put up much of a fight, and you have to worry about the suspect timer you receive for shooting at one.

The real reason you do it is either to luck out and kill an MTU that contains high value loot, or to piss off their owners. And trust me: The salt you get from players for killing their MTUs makes it worthwhile.

I didn’t even kill this guy’s MTU

I initially got into MTU hunting from Pix Severus’ blog, named “MTU Hunter”. His stories, explanations, and corp killboard caught my attention, and gave me the motivation to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, he seems to have won EVE, and his blog hasn’t seen a new post in months. I’ll be looking to fill the gap that he left, with this blog. Hopefully it will inspire more pilots to try the activity out, or at least give a few people some laughs.

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