Back from Null

I’m back from my nullsec holiday finally!

I was away for five months, and didn’t post here during that time. This blog was made for talking about highsec piracy, and I wasn’t in highsec anymore, so I felt weird about blogging. I still feel a bit weird about it, so I won’t give a detailed history of my nullsec holiday but heres some thoughts:

  1. The big fights were fun. I flew tackle in jaguars 90% of the time, so I got to be active and wasn’t an F1 monkey much.
  2. The random fights that pop up with neutrals entering your space can be fun and chaotic, but its usually more of a wild goose chase than a good fight.
  3. We got blueballed A LOT. For each big fight I attended, there were probably around 4 fleets where nothing actually happened. Even when a big fight did happen, the setup time where I’d be waiting in fleet was massive.
  4. I learnt how blackops fleets operate, and got to ask lots of questions. I still have a lot to learn about hunting, but I have gotten a good start. I plan to keep doing blops fleets and (even running some) with my highsec buddies.
  5. Being in AUTZ in a big coalition isn’t that fun. All of the big fights happen in other timezones, so you miss out on most of the action (Unless you have an unhealthy sleep schedule)
  6. One day you realize that you start viewing keepstars, titans and massive faction ships as everyday occurrences and that you probably won’t ever again have the childlike fascination you once had with them

The main reason I moved back to highsec is so I can focus more on my studies (Which I only just started again) and less on discord pings. I already have had some time to play around with highsec piracy again, with mixed results.

This was after I got blown up by CONCORD, hence the “mixed” part

In other news Pix Severus, who was a major inspiration to my playstyle is playing again after a break. I managed to introduce myself and we’re actually friends now (And hes probably reading this). The MTU hunting community also seems to have some new faces. I’m beginning to learn some new ideas for ruining peoples days, so expect more posts coming soon.

Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 5)

After waking up and logging onto my computer this day, I was greeted with a reply to my support ticket from CCP. They had finally taken action upon Vlad’s account.

If you are unfamiliar with CCP’s privacy policy in regards to bans, they will tell you the ticket is resolved, but will not tell you what action (if any action) was taken against the player in question. Since CCP won’t tell you the action taken, the only way you can learn the punishment is from the player being punished. So, I was kind of expecting the story to end there.

Then, I logged in to EVE to see this mail.

“Ciao” is how I signed off to him the previous day. I guess I really got to him.

Vladamir had created a new account and character, and mailed me using that. I didn’t respond to his evemail, but I did send it to CCP support, so they could deal with his new account.

I was left with some questions though. What was the severity of his ban? What was the corporation he joined? Were they decent people?

To get these questions answered, I got in contact with the CEO of the corporation he joined. His username is “X Sanguine”, and he was actually a really nice guy. We began by sharing the evemails we had both received.

Vlad’s 1 day old character sent this to Sanguine, and for some reason he acted anonymous…

To wrap things up, here is Sanguine recalling the story of Vlad joining his corp.

X Sanguine > we merged on a bet
X Sanguine > want a story?
X Sanguine > so i came back to eve to find my corp dying slowly no one on line for days
X Sanguine > i wanted to chat
X Sanguine > i talk alot
X Sanguine > so i made this corp to fill a chatbox with fun and entertaining pilots
X Sanguine > i had zero members
X Sanguine > i met vlad
X Sanguine > i saw he had an 8 member corp and i ask him to close it and join me
X Sanguine > he said no
X Sanguine > i made him a bet i could match his member base
X Sanguine > in a few days
X Sanguine > he said if i could then he would merge with me
X Sanguine > nonstop all week nothing but recruiting and ded sites
X Sanguine > so i matched his 8 and then some more
X Sanguine > i said ok cool lets merge
X Sanguine > he said no
X Sanguine > i was kinda mad
X Sanguine > so i told him that we made a deal and he should honor it
X Sanguine > he told me he doesnt really have 8 members
X Sanguine > after we cleared the alts and inactives it was a 2 member corp
X Sanguine > and he still expected to be a director
X Sanguine > so i dont have any isk or assets in the corp possesions
X Sanguine > so i figured what the hell, what is the worst he could do
X Sanguine > on his first full day as a director this all happened
X Sanguine > your wardec i think pushed him to me really
X Sanguine > so that is the story of vlad
Le’ Shak > Its just coincidence that it fell on his first day as director, I had been dealing with him for a few days already
Le’ Shak > Thanks for the story, that is amazing
X Sanguine > i figured if you blog you might like it
Le’ Shak > Really ties it all together nicely

With the destruction of Vlad’s Raitaru (Which X Sanguine ninja salvaged from us), this story has met its conclusion.
(Unless Vlad has 200IQ and deceived us all into thinking he is permabanned when its only a tempban)

Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 4)

5 bill is too large of a ransom, but why end the fun here?

After spotting Vlad in local, I noticed that he had joined a new corporation. My immediate conclusion was that he made a new corporation and ditched his old one to get out of the wardec, leaving his Raitaru behind.

I decided to say hi to him, and to actually reveal what I had been up to. It would have been rather gratifying to tell him that I had also reported him, but I decided to leave that topic alone.

Rami Taredi > Good thing you made a new corp, pirates could be a problem otherwise
Vladamir Valtouri > it’s actually not my corp lol
Rami Taredi > Oh, really?
Vladamir Valtouri > yep
Vladamir Valtouri > my corpmates and i merged
Rami Taredi > 6 days old regardless, pretty new
Rami Taredi > Oh, nice
Vladamir Valtouri > indeed
Rami Taredi > Why are there still people in the old corp then?
Rami Taredi > or are you forming an alliance?
Vladamir Valtouri > he’s the last corp member to leave. won’t be back until friday as he’s on vacation
Rami Taredi > You’re not sounding so mean today
Vladamir Valtouri > how have i been mean in the past? lol
Rami Taredi > “i trust you but cant be too sure so i’ll be starting to pull your stuff at some point”
Vladamir Valtouri > well thats not being mean thats just being honest
Rami Taredi > You don’t seem to be a very honest individual

I then proceeded to call him out on his bullshit.

Vladamir Valtouri > how so?
Rami Taredi > “but to lower clients, simply usuing mind games will do the trick.”
Rami Taredi > You admitted you are a liar yourself
Vladamir Valtouri > stretching the truth
Rami Taredi > I’m stretching the truth?
Rami Taredi > Or you are?
Vladamir Valtouri > buuut i can see your perspective. i suppose when it boils down to it i am a liar when doing those things. and yes i stretch the truth
Rami Taredi > So why should I believe anything you’ve told me so far?
Vladamir Valtouri > i can also be very honest though
Vladamir Valtouri > because so far i havn’t lied to you
Rami Taredi > Well, you have already lost your war it looks like
Vladamir Valtouri > i’d have lost from the start lol
Rami Taredi > Every single person you have talked to from that corporation is me
Vladamir Valtouri > i knew πŸ™‚
Rami Taredi > Nope, you didn’t
Vladamir Valtouri > i pulled your ip mate
Vladamir Valtouri > there addresses came from the same pc
Vladamir Valtouri > or at least same network
Rami Taredi > How many do you reckon are me?
Vladamir Valtouri > not sure on that one
Rami Taredi > The thing is, your entire explanation on how eve servers work was incorrect
Rami Taredi > I immediately consulted with people who actually know what they are talking about and they laughed at what you said
Rami Taredi > You have nothing.
Rami Taredi > Additionally, like I said the first time I met you, you underestimate how petty I am
Vladamir Valtouri > if you say so
Rami Taredi > So because you have nothing to threaten me with whatsoever
Rami Taredi > and you have somewhat annoyed me
Rami Taredi > I’ll remove any structures you or your buds place around this area
Rami Taredi > Plus we’ll continue to gank you and your members, keep sending them evemails on how you pulled them into this mess, and see how it goes from there
Rami Taredi > Theres only so many times you can explain to people that you did nothing wrong
Rami Taredi > When you know in your head that you got yourself into this mess
Vladamir Valtouri > hmm, fine. so be it then.
Vladamir Valtouri > congrats, you’ve got me. proud?
Rami Taredi > No, not yet

This went on for a while longer, but it didn’t really go anywhere. It definitely felt cathartic though.

Continued in part 5

Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 3)

The day of the second timer had come. We fielded four Leshaks vs Vlad sitting in his Raitaru, shooting missiles at us. Of course, the missiles didn’t do much, and it wasn’t long before Vlad started talking again.

After we had reinforced the structure, we also found a lone retriever mining in an asteroid belt. I warped the fleet to them (admittedly at a dumb range though), and we melted them.

Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > yes?
Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > oh thank you for giving me the opportunity to shoot the guns on this thing πŸ˜€
Le’ Shak > Kill: Sabrina Keil (Retriever)
Vladamir Valtouri > a simple ship that can be reimbursed
Vladamir Valtouri > also, i want to say thank you to you and your corpmates for attacking on time. i’ve gone ahead and gathered all the stuff i need.
Vladamir Valtouri > i hope you guys are ready πŸ™‚
Le’ Shak >
Vladamir Valtouri > by the way, go ahead and tell your buddy Rami that i’ve gone ahead and pulled his account info and pc info
Vladamir Valtouri > or do you guys speak russian?
Vladamir Valtouri > eh whatever it wont matter. toodles mate πŸ™‚

Just like the previous day, he had a chat with Rami at the same time. Again I decided to act as dumb as possible, along with pretending I wasn’t associated with the wardec.

Vladamir Valtouri > i know you’re cloaked outside lol
Rami Taredi > Just out sightseeing
Vladamir Valtouri > btw, i sent our attackers with a message πŸ™‚
Rami Taredi > Nice, you telling them off?
Vladamir Valtouri > nope. the message was directed for you. and technically goes to them
Rami Taredi > … why don’t just tell me instead?
Rami Taredi > Seems like a pretty inefficient way of sending messages
Vladamir Valtouri > not as dramatic πŸ™‚
Rami Taredi > How is sending a delayed message dramatic
Vladamir Valtouri > you’ll have to wait πŸ™‚ however, i’ll tell you this, i’m super glad tbey attacked on schedule and in a large group.
Vladamir Valtouri > besides, this whole war thing is stupid but i’m having loads of fun now. i finally got to shoot the guns on this thing XD
Rami Taredi > Wow that does sound pretty fun
Rami Taredi > I’m guessing that message wasn’t important then
Vladamir Valtouri > it was only important depending on how you view it lol but if you feel it wasn’t then disregard it πŸ™‚
Rami Taredi > So its a conditionally threatening message

At the end of day 3, we had reinforced the Raitaru a second time, gotten a free Retriever kill, and been provided with more evidence of doxxing to send to CCP.

Continued in part 4

Playing with Arcane Fire (Part 2)

On day 2, I was still waiting for the war to officially start, so I decided to instead search for miners to suicide gank. By chance, I found a member of Arcane Fire Industries was mining in a retriever, which I promptly blew up.

Laur Anordar > Just curious, are you an alt of the CEO or a newer player?
Kayson Raul > been playing 2 weeks
[This is a lie, its an alt of the CEO]
Laur Anordar > Ah, I see. Well my advice is to avoid mining in retrievers and covetors, they cannot be tanked well and are prone to ganks.
Laur Anordar > Also, don’t trust your CEO, he got you into this mess.
Kayson Raul > how so?
Laur Anordar > His ego bought your corporation a war.
Laur Anordar > That is all I am at liberty to say.
Laur Anordar > Fly safe.

With that out of the way, it wasn’t long before Vlad got mad. Conversation requests lit up on both my catalyst alt and my main, and I knew this was going to be a fun day.

Vladamir Valtouri > do tell me how my ego got me into this mess?
Laur Anordar > I am not at liberty to say.
Vladamir Valtouri > your loyalty mean that much?
Laur Anordar > You have offered me nothing.
Vladamir Valtouri > oh i can offer lots. name your price mate
Vladamir Valtouri > as i said, his convo will stay between us. you have my wordt

Note: You can trust a man’s “word”, but you cannot trust a man’s “wordt”

Laur Anordar > Given that I cannot trust you on that, and it could lead to my expulsion from my corporation…
Laur Anordar > 200 million.
Vladamir Valtouri > divulging information of such a nature shouldn’t get you expelled. that’s ridiculous. i can easily pay your price, but how will i know you will actually start talking?
Laur Anordar > Take it or leave it.
Vladamir Valtouri > or, give me assurance that you’ll talk. can’t trust an alt account
Laur Anordar > Not sure how I can assure anything.
Vladamir Valtouri > think on it
Laur Anordar > Been nice talking with you, good luck.

At the same time as this conversation, I was talking to him with Rami, trying to act as dumb as possible.

Vladamir Valtouri > hey there πŸ™‚
Rami Taredi > Hello.
Vladamir Valtouri > so i see someone got a corp to wardec me eh?
Rami Taredi > Oh?
Vladamir Valtouri > also, why is they still think my ego got us into this -_- nothing about what we talked about had anything to do with that lol
Rami Taredi > I dunno, ask them?
Rami Taredi > I didn’t wardec you
Vladamir Valtouri > i’m trying but theyre being secretive

“I didn’t wardec you” is actually the truth. My CEO was the one who wardecced his corporation, after I’d asked him to.

Vladamir Valtouri > so quick auestion, it’s true that every solar system in eve is it’s own server correct?
Rami Taredi > uhhhhhhhhhhh
Rami Taredi > not sure about own server, own instance sure
Vladamir Valtouri > interesting. i wonder how this will go then
Rami Taredi > how what will go?
Vladamir Valtouri > don’t worry about it
Vladamir Valtouri > thankfully we’ve been chatting long enough for me to obtain things. same goes for any of the corp members currently active in the systems i’m visiting
Rami Taredi > Oh nice, intel gathering?
Vladamir Valtouri > intel gathering beyond in game
Rami Taredi > how is that even possible
Rami Taredi > don’t people stay pretty anonymous
Vladamir Valtouri > you really have no clue how this works do you?
Rami Taredi > I haven’t done something like that before so no

So, at this time I didn’t have much knowledge as to how the EVE servers actually work. However, I knew enough that this next part had me scratching my head. If you are particularly tech savvy, you might want to brace yourself for the oncoming section.

Rami Taredi > Isn’t this bannable though?
Rami Taredi > So you’re planning on doing that to these wardeccers?
Vladamir Valtouri > only if your caught
Vladamir Valtouri > also, i never said that
Rami Taredi > Oh so you don’t plan to? Whos the target? πŸ˜€
Vladamir Valtouri > that will be for you to find out
Rami Taredi > Hmmmmmm interesting
Rami Taredi > Thanks for the explanation
Vladamir Valtouri > not a problem. i’d hate to get banned for such a thing honestly, but i don’t appreciate being mocked. so as a show of good faith, i’ve put you on my list
Rami Taredi > seen any around the place?
Rami Taredi > Oh, bad list or good list?
Vladamir Valtouri > i suppose both.
Rami Taredi > that seems pretty inefficient to be on both hah
Vladamir Valtouri > i trust you but cant be too sure so i’ll be starting to pull your stuff at some point
Rami Taredi > thats not nice πŸ™
Vladamir Valtouri > can’t be too sure mate.
Vladamir Valtouri > sorry if this upsets you

So, at the end of day 2, I had a retriever kill, a confused CEO, and enough evidence to go to CCP support to report him for doxxing.

It was very tempting to press enter at this point, but I decided to be patient

Continued in part 3